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Park Model FAQs

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What is a park model?

A park model, sometimes also called a “park home,” or a “park cottage,” is a 400 square foot manufactured home. Park models are built on a chassis with wheels, but they are commonly permanently sited. Bonus rooms, called “Arizona Rooms,” can be added to increase the square footage.

Why would I want to buy a park model in Arizona?

Why not enjoy all our fun and sunshine instead of shivering in the winter cold up north? Flock south, relax at the resort, or take part in the many activities going on within and outside the resort. We are a warm winter getaway playground for people 55+!

Where can I live in a park model?

Arizona provides an ideal climate for park model living. More specifically, Rincon Country RV Resorts in Tucson, Arizona offer a beautiful, gated, 55+ community of permanently-sited park models. You can rent or own a park model in our community and take advantage of all our resort amenities and activities. Escape to your park model for the winter or live here year-round.

If I buy a park model, do I own my site land?

No. At Rincon Country RV Resorts, we rent low-maintenance park model sites for one amazing, low annual rent. Click here to view our annual rates. Your annual rent includes access to all Rincon Country RV Resort amenities and participation in our activity program.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! There are no hidden fees or resort fees.

How much does a park model cost?

There are many variables, such as the park model’s age, lot size, location, and other factors. Click to see our listings Park Models Home Sales

Is park model living affordable?

Absolutely! There is no homeowner’s association fee. Once you own a park model, you pay one, low annual lot rent. Utilities and property taxes are low – about $200.00/yr for property tax would not be uncommon. Water and garbage are included with your rent. Many park model lots are xeriscaped, making them easy to maintain and leave for extended periods.

Is there a manager on-site year round?

Yes! Our core park staff, including the park manager, is on-site year round. We add even more staff during our busy peak season.

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Can I try before I buy?

Yes! Rincon Country RV Resorts offers park models for rent. Stay for a week or a month and see for yourself why we are so popular. If you are interested in purchasing a park model, it’s easy! Tour our model homes open daily, let us take you on a factory tour, or show you our pre-owned models. Bring your checkbook because we think with one stay you’ll be ready to buy your winter home away from home!

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How many of your sites are occupied by snowbirds versus year-round occupants?

About 80% of the park models in Rincon Country RV Resorts are occupied by seasonal “snowbirds.” The other 20% are year-round residents.

Do you have a place where I can store my RV?

Yes! We offer affordable RV storage right on-site in a fenced storage lot.

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Do you allow pets?

Yes! We are a pet-friendly resort. For more details, refer to our pet policy.

Are there medical facilities in the area?

Yes! Tucson has numerous hospitals, urgent care clinics, and other medical facilities within convenient reach of both Rincon Country Resort locations.

Are shopping, dining, attractions, and public transportation within easy reach?

Yes to all of the above!

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