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Welcome Club Leaders!

THANK YOU for leading an activity for our Rincon Country community. Your enthusiasm and energy are contagious and an important part of what makes our community so special! The Rincon Country staff are here to support you every way we can. On this page you will find some useful information and forms you may conveniently fill out and submit online.

Please Keep Us Informed

If you have not already done so, please update the Activity Office with your club’s information. Make sure we know exactly when your club starts and ends, where and how often you meet, who prospective new members should contact, and how they can reach you. Click on the Room Request link at right to quickly submit the above information to us and request a room for your meetings.

Also let us know the location of equipment, keys, and any other important items necessary to operate your club in case you are unavailable.

Meetings for Club Leaders

We typically have a meeting with club leaders at the start of each season and as needed thereafter throughout the season. Stay tuned to “The Villager” for information about these meetings.

Use the Bulletin Board

You may post important information about your club on the club bulletin boards. Announcements must be approved by the Activity Office. To maximize board space, please strive to keep announcements to 1/2 page. Also, please remove postings as soon as they become obsolete.

Submitting Articles for “The Villager”

If you would like to place a brief article about your club in “The Villager” newsletter, please observe the following guidelines.

The deadline for the monthly Villager is the 5th day of the month prior to issue date. For example, the deadline for the January Villager would be December 5.

Include times, dates, room locations, and contact names and numbers in your articles. Please do not bold, underline, or use ALL CAPITALS. Articles must be kept to 150 words or less. Articles not less than 150 words will be arbitrarily shortened. We do not publish events occurring outside of the issue month unless they occur on or before the 10th day of the following month. For your convenience, a link to an online newsletter article submission form is provided on this page, or you can email your article as an attachment to:

Questions and Help

If you have questions, feel free to contact us by phone, by email, or drop by the Activity Office.

Janet Richards
Activity Director


Maureen Sobieski
Activities Assistant