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WOW!! $7850 in Donations to Community Food Bank!

11/22/2011 - When the TV stations in Tucson, Arizona announced that the Community Food Bank cupboards were completely bare, George O’Leary decided that we should do something to help our friends and neighbors of the Tucson Community.

At our Friday morning coffee we announced the sad situation facing the many people in Tucson that were in need of food. In just two days, our fantastic residents donated $2,850.00 and George O’Leary, CEO and Owner of Rincon Country RV Resorts, wrote an additional check for $5,000.00.

When the Food Bank receives cash or check donations, they are able to purchase, on average, the equivalent of 10 cents on the dollar. For example if you give $1.00 they can buy 10 cans of food. So, our donations of $7850.00 could conceivably buy 78,500 cans of food.

Thanks to the Rincon Country Residents many more people in Tucson will have a happier Thanksgiving. A big Thank You to all the residents and to George O’Leary for their generosity.

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