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Wake up to the beautiful Arizona sunrise at Rincon Country RV Resorts. Each day the sun streams over the mountains and brings the lush desert valley to vibrant life. Tucson, once home to ancient Indians, Spanish conquistadors and frontier settlers, is now the destination of choice for modern-day nomads. Join the hundreds of RV travel zealots seeking our sunshine and hospitality, and experience our resort-class amenities and services.

Tucson's weather is perfection for the person looking for an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle as well as for the active person looking to get out and explore the area. You won't find a better climate to accommodate all your favorite activities.

Rincon Country RV Arizona is close to all of the awesome entertainment that Tucson has to offer. Visit downtown to experience the city life with an excess of great shopping, live entertainment, plenty of places to enjoy a delicious meal and much more. Explore the hills and beautiful landscapes all around us with an exhilarating day hike.

RV Arizona Snapshot- From “Old Pueblo” to bustling Southwestern Metropolis

Founded in 1775, Tucson has evolved from Native American farming community, to Spanish outpost, to wild frontier town, to bustling railroad hub, to today's Southwestern metropolis of more than a million residents. Though it is still fondly referred to as the Old Pueblo because of the adobe fortress that marked its early borders, today Tucson is indeed a wonderful mix of old and new, traditional and fresh.

Tucson is a growing metropolis of over 1,000,000 people that, like a fine wine, is getting better and better with time. Our geography features colorful lines of cactus forests, expansive desert hills and stark mountains against impossibly blue skies.

Tucson’s southwest location makes it a unique region that blends the cultures of the United States and Mexico, and has a long history of settlement by ancient Native American peoples, Spanish explorers and Anglo frontiersmen.

The weather is mild nearly all the time--just right for all kinds of fun activities including hiking, outdoor museums, golf and more. This relaxed, friendly atmosphere, beautiful weather and wide cultural mix is what attracts the large number of artists to the area—making Tucson a great destination for art, theatre and dining.

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